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75% for every sale referred

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Proven with an average customer spend of well over $200.

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What is Presence Power and Profit Program?

The Presence Power and Profit Program with Mark Williams is a remarkable project that helps people tune into and switch ON the power of Personal Magnetism that can significantly help them replace hard work and struggle with fast, real-life results.

“Personal Magnetism” is a commanding presence which assists in getting people to listen, pay attention, and act on their ideas. However, most importantly it helps open up the doors of opportunity to succeed.

And it’s this access to these opportunities which fast-tracks those with personal magnetism to ‘get ahead’ so much faster and easier than everybody else…

It is the “it factor” that can be applied by anyone who learns it.

This course is for all who want to step into a world where fast-tracking success is not only possible but simple to achieve.

Who is Mark Williams?

During his early life, Mark dreamed his life path would be one that would inspire the world. But how it played out still makes his jaw drop to this day.

Like most children, Mark had big dreams, but as he grew up, he lost the spark and desire to achieve them. He spent his 20s struggling to understand what his true purpose was meant to be.

And because he’d lost sight of what he wanted to do in life, he did what many people do and entered the workforce and took any job he could get.

He then spent time ping-ponging from one position to the next until he found a more stable role as a customer care rep at a large automotive manufacturing company.

However, after some years in that role and now in his mid-30s, he was never able to get the opportunity to take the next step to climb the corporate ladder.

No matter the job, he found all his ideas falling on deaf ears and was continually passed over for promotions by less experienced colleagues.

And this lack of progression took its toll on every area of Mark’s life. His personal relationships were suffering. He was always in a bad mood, and he was over 20k in debt.

To top it off he found it difficult to watch as his friends and peers fly by him both professionally and socially.

That is when he made some critical discoveries that allowed him to find his way and his place in life finally. He discovered an inner drive and desire to crawl out of the hole he was stuck in and live a fantastic life.

Now he has found true happiness, realized many of his dreams and become the best possible version of himself. It’s enabled him to appreciate everything life has to offer.

After years of studying the art of persuasion and influence and uncovering what it takes to reach the outer limits of success, While also learning from the most successful people on the planet, He now possess the skills and motivation to carry him on his journey of discovery.

Since then, Mark has helped thousands of people unlock their Personal Magnetism, so they experience stronger relationships, more opportunities, and abundant success. In other words, finally, live the life they dreamed of and deserve.

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